We Design From The Root

We Design From The Root

The primary principles of Black Earth United Are:

To learn from others. 
We listen, collaborate, then channel the learnings through design and art as a means to bridge the gaps. Central to this approach is the recognition that storytelling, infused with the principles of Design, can serve as a potent catalyst. By amplifying narratives rooted in Black experiences and culture, we can reclaim, reshape and reform the narrative. Through this reimagining, we seek to foster inclusivity, equity, and justice, creating spaces that celebrate and honor the diverse contributions of all individuals.

To strengthen our relationship to nature*
We acknowledge the painful separation that many of us have endured from our ancestral ties to nature. We reclaim our rightful place here, and to honor the sacredness that exists within our culture. We refuse to be erased from the narrative any longer, and we intend to weave our stories into the very fabric of our clothing and the essence of our storytelling.
*This principle is derived from the Black Manifesto 

To savor our joy.*
By leaping over trails, though forests, along (and often into) oceans, ponds and rivers, over high meadows, and even patches of asphalt.  With each leap, each step, and each embrace of diverse landscapes, we celebrate our innate connection to the world around us. In these transcendent moments, we embody the pure essence of our existence and find liberation in the boundless realms of happiness that nature offers us.
*This principle is derived from Diana Glaves Rooted in the Earth

To bring awareness.*
The wilderness is our sanctuary, an escape from the oppressive systems that desire to confine and suffocate us. It is within these untamed landscapes that we find freedom, where the weight of societal burdens is momentarily lifted, allowing our spirits to soar unencumbered.
*This principle is derived from Diana Glaves Rooted in the Earth

“Alone, I am nothing. I have nothing. We have power, but we will never know it, we will never see it work. Unless we come together to make it work. - Ayi Kwei Armah”
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