Mother Nature’s Time Layer

Mother Nature’s Time Layer

Did you know that corn began as teosinte, a grain that looks like wild grass? Teosine only measured 16.3 ML long and 3.1 ML wide (smaller than your pinky finger!) It took this little grain about 10,000 years to evolve into the one we all know today.

Damn, nature is dope!

And we know that. We know how dope it is because humans have created a steady demand for nature for hundreds of thousands of years. But unfortunately, our selfish desires have guided us rather than slowly working with mother nature respecting her need to regenerate in her time, not ours. This hierarchy of time we have implemented. The inequitable time distribution and uneven access to safe and healthy futures have kept us from being able to last here, to build a world where we live on the interest mother nature so graciously lent to us rather than feasting on her womb. Sadly, it is in our D.N.A. as humans to be short-term thinkers strangled by time urgency. Over and over again throughout human existence, we have demanded nature move at a pace foreign to her. We want her to have a long-term survival plan for us, so there is prosperity for our descendants, but our cleverness as a species overrides our ability to be wise. And as a result, we fail to embrace the inherent tensions between space and time that would have provided opportunities for reconfiguration so we could all thrive on earth.

Time like nature, is cyclical, and it has to be a conscious choice to step into the future from the past. Both entities and dimensions influence our lives. Let's tap in.


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